Kristian Livolsi

How to take action and live with purpose

We can talk about purpose, we can speak of vision, and we can talk about goals. But the truth is it’s all talk if you don’t actually get started and by started, I mean immediately. 

Did you know that the research suggests that if you don’t start immediately, there is a 90 per cent probability that you won’t get anything done at all? That goes to show just how many people talk a big game and deliver little if anything at all. 

You must recognise that starting immediately is not enough, it’s just the start!  It takes six weeks to develop a habit: six weeks! So just because you created something yesterday, it does not mean that you will fulfil it tomorrow.

Only two per cent will continue to do it for longer than six weeks. And out of that two per cent, only about one per cent of those people will go on to complete the tasks they set themselves. 

How many of you have felt accomplished for setting yourself a goal? What did you do about it? Did you complete it or are you one of the 99% who failed to act!

This is all too common, and I see it all the time in my work with CEOs and their teams, and the research confirms it.

If you are going, to be honest with yourself, you will reflect and realise you have been here, in fact, you are likely here right now. I was here once, too; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can learn from your past where you’ve made promises to yourselves and not achieved them. Use it as a reminder for yourself in terms of what that feels like to not have reached your outcome. What it feels like right now as you are reflecting on past memories. 

Well, how painful is it? Remember taking action is about pain or pleasure. How much pain or pleasure something gives you is one of the primary motivators why you end up following through. 

Now, for me, my battle has been diet, exercise and lifestyle. I love wine, whisky and food.  Despite my size, I don’t overeat, and no, I don’t drink every day, in fact, I only drink once a week, and I watch what I eat most of the time.  You see, I have an autoimmune disease which means if I don’t observe what I eat and drink, I stack on body weight in the form of fat instantly. I should exercise each day, but my lifestyle gets in the way as do the excuses I make for myself.

Take note; I am building excuses to justify my unhealthy weight!!! But this is my battle, and I am honest about it. I spend a lot of time focusing on my weight and taking action, but it’s excruciating, and I continue to fail. When I was fit and healthy, in fact, some 70kg lighter I found pleasure in exercising and eating right, it took lots of discipline, but my lifestyle was different. The key is to find that balance and to fail forward. Learn from the past and get it right. This is my kryptonite, and I am working on it every day. 

So the message for today is to take action. Don’t wait for things to happen and remember it takes six weeks to form a habit and there is no guarantee that the routine will be enough to keep you on course until you reach that goal you set yourself. 

The power to take action is well and truly in your hands. What is stopping you? How can you avoid it? What steps can you take so you can feel accomplished knowing those promises you make are going to be met? 

The key is purpose, and this is critical because the purpose is what drives you and maintains your focus. Where focus goes, energy flows.

I have started setting my intentions in the morning during my mediation. I have spent years trying to mediate and couldn’t do more than a few minutes.  This year I decided to hire the best and start structure meditation Monday to Friday. My guru Bronwyn guides me through this each day, and we are now pushing 30 minutes each morning. I am also doing 15 minutes at night on my own and maintaining a peak state throughout the day. The outcomes are clarity, direction, focus and peace. I am achieving more, and I feel more fulfilled, which matters most to me.

So, I ask you, what are you doing today that’s going to help you achieve your goals, meet your vision and live your purpose?  What will you do that creates massive momentum for you right now? 

Drop your comments below, and I look forward to hearing what your kryptonite is and what action you are taking to live with purpose.

Until next time live with purpose,

Kristian Livolsi