Kristian and his business partners have a passionate belief that everyone should have a right to a fair and equitable life. Unfortunately, they realise they cannot change the world entirely however if you want to change society you must act and become part of the change necessary to create the change you desire.

Kristian is auctioned annually for several organisations and raises over 5 figures for a command performance over lunch. It has become a main event on auction lists and raises much needed funds from very generous donors.

It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring to witness the immense generosity of people who willing pay large amounts of money to have me in their home so those less fortunate can experience a better life.

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The hospitality businesses additionally support many charities and organisations through food and beverage experiences for silent auctions. Each year we decide on an amount to commit to helping as many organisations as we can.

We are passionate about children, the homeless, families in need and our future generations.


Peter Carey

"His strategic support has helped champion our cause in multi-faceted ways. Kristian has generously hosted functions on our behalf, donating his venue, time, staff and produce. He has donated incredible auction items that have raised more than $10,000 at events, and he has put his hand up to work side-by-side with our student graduates, offering them employment and traineeship opportunities in his various workplaces. Kristian is a committed, and passionate individual who puts his words into action and helps create change."

Denise Rowe

"Kristian is one of the most philanthropic people I know. Even when his schedule is over-loaded, he always makes time to give. And not just a ‘go-away gift’… he is one of those that gives of himself – his time, his expertise, his inspiration. He is passionate about contributing to the community and our community is lucky to have him."