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“My fulfilment comes not from helping myself, but from helping others who haven’t had the same opportunities” – KRISTIAN LIVOLSI

Business and Economic Development
Man speaking at charity event
Bernard Booth auctioning off Kristian for charity - Youth Opportunities Gala Dinner

Kristian has a strong sense of purpose when it comes to diversity and equal opportunity. Everyone who is willing and able must be given a chance to prove themselves. His view is that, “Trying is a gift so many people neglect”.

One of Kristian’s career highlights was training Alex Kolberg, who is now a Sous Chef at The Republic. Alex is legally blind and Kristian, with the help of RSB, gave Alex an apprenticeship. They worked closely together for four years, until Alex qualified as a chef. See the story covered by the ABC and Sunrise for more information.

Kristian and Lucy realise they cannot change the world on their own. However, they believe that if you want to change society you must act and become part of the change you desire to see. This is the motto they live their lives by, and raise their children to understand.

Kristian is auctioned annually for several organisations and raises over five figures for a command performance over lunch. It has become a main event on auction lists and raises much needed funds from very generous donors.

“It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring to witness the immense generosity of people who willingly pay large amounts of money to have me do a command performance in their home, for them and their guests so those less fortunate can experience a better life.”

In the past, Kristian’s hospitality businesses supported many charities and organisations through food and beverage experiences for silent auctions. Today, we pick a handful of charities at the end of the year to support the following year, and we also decide on a separate amount to commit, which goes to help as many organisations as we can in addition to our yearly list.

It’s not always about giving money and donating experiences. On many occasions Kristian supports charities with his time, sitting on boards ND committees, and being involved with special projects. 

We are truly passionate about children, mental health, the homeless, families in need, and developing our future generations.

St Peters College Logo Adelaide

Kristian and Lucy are so committed to changing the lives of others, that a few years ago they partnered with other philanthropists to form the Tony Keynes OAM General Excellence Scholarship at St Peters College. The scholarship allows a young man who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to attend Saints from Years 10 to 12 to take up a place at the school. 

“Being able to be part of this experience and witnessing them flourish and grow is life changing.”

Peter Carey – CEO Youth Opportunities 

His strategic support has helped champion our cause in multi-faceted ways. Kristian has generously hosted functions on our behalf, donating his venue, time, staff and produce. He has donated incredible auction items that have raised more than $10,000 at events, and he has put his hand up to work side-by-side with our student graduates, offering them employment and traineeship opportunities in his various workplaces. Kristian is a committed, and passionate individual who puts his words into action and helps create change.

Dennise Rowe – Philanthropy Manager, Womens and Childrens Hospital Foundation

Kristian is one of the most philanthropic people I know. Even when his schedule is overloaded, he always makes time to give. And not just a ‘go-away gift’… he is one of those that gives of himself – his time, his expertise, his inspiration. He is passionate about contributing to the community and our community is lucky to have him.

Bri Chia
Brenna Chia – National Grants and Foundation Manager at HeartKids Limited

Kristian’s passion for giving back to the community is limitless. He is one of those rare philanthropists who will go out of his way to truly connect with the cause and give generously not just of his money, but of his time and energy. I can’t think of a time that I have asked for his support for one of the charities that I have worked with that he has said ‘no’, he always finds a way to help.

Linda Jones
Linda Jones – Business Relationship Manager, Camp Quality

I have been very fortunate to cross paths with Kristian over many years, in most cases when I have been seeking his support for the charity I have been aligned with at the time. Kristian consistently demonstrates his commitment to helping others by supporting multiple ‘for purpose’ organizations, along with sharing his values as he leads by example amongst his team. He pushes those around him forward with encouragement and enthusiasm with a goal of creating a better and more innovative future for South Australia.