In addition to his advisory and executive coaching roles he has several investments and companies of his own.  Kristian Livolsi is a specialist and hands-on practitioner, he practices what he preaches on his own businesses before empowering others.

Business Growth Mindset Logo
Business Growth Mindset

We work with highly driven top performers to create meaningful change that impact their business and life through mastering a growth mindset and implementing systems and processes that support scaling.

By applying core principles, you can eliminate many business-related frustrations.  You can have great employees who share your vision, communicate with one another, demonstrate accountability and solve problems. You will not only create a business that runs seamlessly, but you will also grow your business.

We have four programs in our portfolio – the B.O.S. Bootcamp, an Incubator, a Growth Mastermind and our exclusive and strictly limited 12-month one on one coaching program Grow & Flourish.

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Argentum Ligno Logo - Kristian Livolsi Business Advisory
Argentum Ligno

Argentum Ligno is an international business advisory firm. We help businesses improve performance, grow by solving problems and by uncovering opportunities and we find new and better ways to do things.

We are firm believers that the best solutions have not been discovered and the best outcomes have not been delivered. We prepare our clients for change; we navigate disruption with them and we help them implement the solutions. 

Our core specialisations are Stakeholder Management, Strategy, Leadership and Culture.

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Media Sociale Logo
Media Sociale

Media Sociale was founded in 2015 and started its journey as a digital agency and web development firm. Specialising in social media, SEO, AdWords and websites. Over the years it evolved into a strategic marketing advisory firm specialising in digital media and branding.
Our core services are digital and marketing advisory, training and strategy. We empower owners, marketing managers and companies to take control of their digital assets and establish systems and processes for them to handle the communication in house and teach them to understand the principles of mental and physical availability.

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KNQR Share to Inspire Logo

Creating change in the world one person at a time through the experiences and stories of the global community.

KNQR is being true to yourself, your life’s mission, your goals and passions / whatever is important to you! Crushing fear and harnessing the courage to achieve while building resilience and remaining vulnerable. 

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Energy DNA Logo
Energy DNA

At EnergyDNA we specialise in providing businesses with the tools to reduce your energy usage, save money and future proof electricity costs.
We have the expertise and knowledge to significantly reduce overall energy usage.

Founded in 2013 in response to a widespread misunderstanding when it comes to energy –we discovered that many businesses simply didn’t understand energy and were being locked into high-cost energy plans.
We understand the energy market; we educate and advise our clients how best to manage their electrical infrastructure and consumption. Our ethos is about building lasting relationships and being trusted partners. 

If you are a large market customer, we coordinate and negotiate your contracts, implementing metering services and give you total piece of mind. 


Kristian advises, chairs, and represents several organisations at board level in Australia and internationally. Below is a current list of some of those boards.

Lift Cancer Care Logo

Receiving a cancer diagnosis means more than just getting chemo. Side effects commonly arise during treatment which require extra support. Lift is a centre that provides evidence-based programs to help you get through your cancer treatment in better shape – physically & mentally.

Exercise medicine | Lymphoedema Screening | Pain Specialists | Physiotherapy | Psychology | Speech Therapy | Body composition | Dietetics 

We are a registered and practicing Day Hospital. 

Augment Space Logo
Augment Space

Augment Space is a global Award-Winning start up based in Australia. Our 3D Tour technology offers advantages to many industries including Real Estate, Education, Construction and Tourism, where they serve as immersive online inspections for property listings that are always open and provide a quality assessment and point of historical reference. 

34 MJ Logo

34MJ supply turnkey bioenergy solutions.
Our major customers are Farmers, Rural Communities, Governments and Mining Companies.
Our unique and exclusive offering of biodiesel equipment allows organisations to reduce their diesel costs by 50%, reduce their impact on climate change with the reduction of CO2 emissions and improve shareholder returns.

Bio Fuels Icon
Biofuels SA

SA Biofuels build and run facilities which allow farmers and communities to produce their own fuel from locally grown crops. Farmers can grow oil seed crops on fallow and non-productive land which can be turned into biodiesel reducing their fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions.
Over the last 10+ years, South Australian Biofuels have developed and commercialised new ways to manufacture biodiesel with minimum energy, using on 15W of power to make 1L of fuel. Our new system is fully containerised for use on farms in regional areas.


Kristian can help you establish an Advisory Board or become a member of your existing board.