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By working with Kristian you will not only create a vibrant business that makes more money but a business that gives you back control and affords you more time to spend with those you love.

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A transformational and inspiring leader, Kristian is strategic and performance-focused with rich experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and energetic leadership.

As an entrepreneur, he has been involved with 76 companies, advised more than 500 businesses, and consulted in 18 countries.

He is referred to as an ecosystem evangelist for his relentless effort to grow industry and his ability to scale companies 20% year on year affords him the title of “gazelle” coined by ‘Scale Up’ founder Verne Hanish.

Kristian understands that failure is part of the success equation. As Steve Jobs once said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” He has failed on many occasions but that has never stopped him exploring new horizons, in fact, it has made him resilient, more innovative and creative. Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”  

Kristian’s failures and successes are the very things that empower his clients to make more money and create more time which leads to scalable and sustainable growth. 

Kristian has developed core principles that have been honed at the coal face and further refined through academic study. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has been awarded a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Australia and received membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society for academic excellence. 

By working with Kristian you will not only create a vibrant business that makes more money but a business that gives you back control and affords you more time to spend with those you love. 

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The benefits of working with Kristian Livolsi is you gain; 

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The benefits of hiring Kristian Livolsi as a Keynote Speaker at your next event are;

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Great companies and top performers know the value in continuous learning and leadership. They understand that growth is strategic and is critical.  Mediocrity and complacency are responsible for a lack of growth and failure! “You either grow or die”. 

In today’s disruptive and ever-changing market, prosperity comes from people, strategy, execution and cash! 

Kristian has become well known for his transformational approach, his operating system and gift. Collaborate with Kristian and drive your organisation to peak performance as he uncovers the unknown unspoke problems and opportunities in your organisation. The outcome should be that you increase your revenue, improve your productivity and have more time for yourself and your family. 

We are where we are because of people like Kristiaan who prop up entrepreneurs and encourage them to be bold and ambitious

Dr Michelle Perugini Life Whisperer and Presagen

Kristian is a serial entrepreneur, his vulnerability and candour create a dynamic message of inspiration and transformation

Tom Hadju Chief Innovation Officer | South Australia

Kristian was amazing! I really enjoyed listening to his story and how he has found himself again. He was very honest and it does make you think to acknowledge and dissect your failures in order to move forward. Very good.

AustCham Singapore

I think every success story has to show the hard work, failures and tough times and that is what Kristian presented. Every conference needs someone to inspire them whether it be from a personal or professional perspective and I think he did that well -

SA Tourism Industry Council Conference

Kristian thank you very much for your wonderful contribution to our panel at Hi-Tech Connect. It was a great discussion and we’ve received huge positive feedback.

Joe Thorp Chief Executive Officer | TechInSA

Kristian presented at our team development day. He was engaging and interactive with the team and delivered a powerful message for us to always ask ourselves the question “ What does my best life look like?” Kristian shared his presentation with an open heart, lots of insight to life and how to overcome blocks we may face at various times.

Charlene Asher National Sales Manager | My Budget

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