Kristian Livolsi

How I overcame imposter syndrome and the steps I took that can help you.

If you feel you are holding yourself back, listen up.  It starts with recognizing it in yourself and others. Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.

They seem unable to internalize their accomplishments; however successful they are. High achieving, highly successful people often suffer, so imposter syndrome doesn’t equate with low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence. In fact, some researchers have linked it with perfectionism, and we know where that leads.

Some common thoughts and feelings associated with imposter syndrome include:

  • I must not fail
  • I feel like a fake
  • It’s all down to luck
  • Success is no big deal

How do I know this?

Because I lived with it and it was holding me back from living my best life.

I was never able to enjoy success. I feared that I could not repeat the previous success and I had deep feelings that I lacked the knowledge and expertise to have the position and title that I was awarded. Even when I was awarded the title Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide or the inaugural Entrepreneur In Residence who assisted 66 start-ups to raise $189,000,000… I still wasn’t complete.  

If this is you, its ok. I know first-hand the pain and suffering that you are experiencing.  

Here are 8 areas I addressed to mitigate the effects of ‘Imposter Syndrome’

  1. Recognize imposter feelings when they emerge.
    Awareness is the first step to change, so ensure you track your thoughts.

  2. Rewrite your mental programs.
    Instead of telling yourself that you don’t deserve success, remind yourself that it’s normal not to have all the answers and that you will find out more along the journey.

  3. Talk about your feelings.
    This is not uncommon so speak up – it’s better to have an open dialogue rather than harbor negative thoughts alone

  4. Consider the context.
    Most people don’t feel 100% confident all the time. It’s a normal reaction to feel out of your depth and experience self-doubt. Reframe your limiting beliefs and rules and take control.

  5. Reframe failure as a learning opportunity.
    This is a critical lesson for everyone. Find out the lessons and use them constructively in the future.

  6. Be kind to yourself.
    Remember that you are entitled to make mistakes and forgive yourself.

  7. Seek support.
    Everyone needs help: recognize that you don’t have to do everything alone.  I sourced the best and hired them to hold me accountable.

  8. Visualize your success.
    Keep your eye on the outcome and stay focused.

These steps are the begging to manage your imposter syndrome and live a more sustainable life. For me sustainable was not enough so I worked to break the cycle permanently and I did so by substituted expectation to appreciation.

I work with many top achievers who have and continue to suffer from imposter syndrome, and I can confidently say we have either broken the cycle or lessened the burden together by addressing the steps above, so they can live their best life. By working one on one with them and in their business, we create massive accountability and focus, this helps them to live in the present and enjoy the moment. We celebrate achievement so we attain fulfillment.

We have opened up several vacancies for my grow and flourish one on one program, if you need a hand to grow your business, you want more accountability and action and you insist on wanting to raise your standards and step up then book a discovery call with me.  In this 15-minute call, we can uncover what is holding you back and see if we are suitable for one another.  The worst outcome from this call is that we get to know each other and form a human connection.

I love helping others overcome the challenges I faced so they can live their best life. Book a call right now and start to aim for outstanding!

Until then live with purpose,

Kristian Livolsi