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For a long time, I struggled with receiving praise.

In fact, I used to brush it away and not acknowledge it. Interestingly, I have always been a fan of constructive feedback – it’s how we improve – but when it came to praise, I struggled. 

One day, a mentor of mine bailed me up and told me this needed to stop! It was rude, and because I didn’t acknowledge the praise it made others feel uncomfortable. I had no idea!

I took a deep dive into understanding why I struggled to receive praise, and discovered that it was buried deep in my childhood. I worked on loving myself first, then I began to acknowledge the praise, and finally I became grateful to those who went out of their way to say thank you and praise me for my work.

I am now able to praise others more deeply, and to encourage them to be the very best version of themselves.

Along this journey I realised the absolute best praise you can receive is this:

“You are a doer. You do what you say you are going to do regardless of how impossible it may seem.”

The reason why this is such high praise is that it demonstrates integrity and accountability. Even more importantly, it’s about your legacy!

I can promise you, receiving and acknowledging this praise doesn’t happen overnight, but if you:

  • Have a clear vision
  • Are driven by purpose
  • Work damn hard
  • Pay for good advice
  • Have a relentless focus

You will achieve it!!

It’s important to be recognised as a doer. In fact, it’s critical. But you have to earn it, and to earn it you must live it!

Become a doer and an action taker, and live with purpose.

Kristian Livolsi

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    Michael O’Shea
    March 3, 2020

    I had the fortunate opportunity to have met Kristian 4 years ago in Singapore, instantly I felt he was an absolutely massive energy and high powered presence. Since then I have watched his journey for the past 4 years online seeing all the people he is reach and influencing, all the online presence he has cultivated, and have been personally motivated by the different avenues of success he keeps speeding down. Finally, just recently I had the humble ability to reach out to Kristian asking for his guidance and help in the direction my life is now going which is in a lane similar realising I could use some outside guidance. From knowing Kristian 4 years ago I had confidence in his personality that he would get back to me and sure enough he did. I asked for his help explaining my professional lane I am working to own and he offered his knowledge and expertise immediately. We quickly set up an online meeting and we were off like a rocket. Kristian has this keen ability to full on ignite a fire in you that you may not know could even existed. His ability to be completely forthcoming, honest, direct, completely clear in his words, and putting your own desire into a very clear and true vision with ease. He broke things down into lament terms, shared personal stories to make sense of things, didn’t fluff any details and made every word count! He helped me establish a perfect clear vision for the path I want to lead for helping and inspiring others, since our meeting I have been a ball of fury since our chat. My time with Kristian was the utmost valuable hour I have had in the past month or more and absolutely looking for more of those hours with Kristian in the near future. The man is a walking legend of truth, experience and humble knowledge willing to share and excite. Kristian, I can’t say how grateful I am for that hour, but I definitely will Look forward to more in the near future!
    Keep inspiring, keep being real, keep helping others aspire into their own dreams of self progression and success.
    Much appreciated