The Sale of the Hotel and the Past Seven Months!

On April 1st (no April Fools’ pun intended) I handed over the keys to the Rob Roy Hotel.  The new owners are a fantastic group (they will be supported by Frank) and have loads of experience in hotels, property and investments. They will scale what we have done and I will be very proud to see them succeed.

It has been an epic three and a half years for Frank and me. We more than doubled the hotel’s revenue and increased turnover year on year, when the rest of the industry has been struggling and liquidations are published in our press on a weekly basis. We were very pleased with the outcome of the sale – it was a win-win for everyone.

We have consumed a ridiculous amount of world-class whisky, wine and beer. I have eaten too many schnitzels and way too many chips! Despite adding +40kg to my waistline and taking years off my liver function its been an awesome experience with a rewarding exit. More importantly, I have made many new friendships and have upgraded my whisky and wine collection considerably.  I joined a gym recently with the aim of losing some of the weight I gained, but it may take a while, as it looks as though I am heading for a second knee operation this week! I mean who damages his knee playing 18 holes of golf at Royal Adelaide???

Thank you to all our family, friends, suppliers and customers who have supported us with their patronage over the years. Without that support, our success would not have been achievable. This marks the end of my hospitality career once more. A bit like giving up the smokes, it takes a few turns before you’re truly done. Round two was fun and rewarding, but now my love affair and romance with the industry has been overwhelmed by my love and romance with my beautiful family Lucy, Leonardo and Lavender.

I want to focus much more on them and become a good father and husband.

I have been busy in the past seven months completing six missions that I set myself in September 2018.

‘The power of purpose and focus can bring about all the change necessary for you to achieve success.’

1. Mission – Sell, Sell, Sell

  • I have managed to sell, close and handover ten businesses
  • Six sold, two closed and two given away (sometimes it’s cheaper to give them away than close them)
  • The hotel was the final piece, as of the 1st of April 2019

2. Mission – Lean

  • I have vacated three offices and buildings
  • Reduced our workforce from over 100 to 8, plus contractors
  • Dumped 4 x 10 cubic meters of rubbish! (It was all separated for recycling purposes and my children had a blast)

3. Mission – Efficiency

  • Increased profit and ROI by 10x
  • I lowered my risk profile to low (I would give you a ratio but I’m keeping it relevant for everyone)
  • Increased my disposable time by 62%

4. Mission – Achievement

  • I completed my Master of Business Administration
  • I completed my Australian Company Directors Course
  • I received membership to the Golden Keys International Honors Society (Outstanding Academic Excellence)
  • I have written a book that will be available for pre-order within a month.
  • There are two more books and five eBooks in production that will be released in due course.
  • I soft-launched my first Business Growth Mindset Program (ten people in the pilot program and the results are epic) Watch this space
  • We built our family home and moved in!!!

5. Mission – Start-Up and Scale

  • I started four more companies
  • I scaled four existing companies
  • Mandate – ALL must have a global opportunity

6. Mission – Family – my favourite and never ending

  • I have strengthened the bond with my children
  • I have worked hard to nurture the love and bond with Lucy
  • I have increased my family time by 25%

I made myself a promise post-September 2018 to spend more time with the people I love, remove myself from toxic people, and only work on things that have a global impact

That promise is a reality for me, and the future is exciting because I made tough decisions supported by my purpose. I have spent forty years searching for my purpose, and over the past few years I have refined it and I am comfortable knowing what I must do for myself, my family and society.

The next six months are going to be amazing. Perhaps I will share another blog in the next few weeks that articulates the journey I am on and give away a few of the missions I have tasked myself to complete in the following six months.

I can tell you with confidence that I have never been happier, more loved and more fulfilled than now. Purpose provides clarity and the universe has a mysterious way of providing us with what we need at a particular time.

I don’t fear the judgmental and I don’t fear the jealous, for there is no fear in failure but only failure in fear. I embrace those that judge, the jealous and the envious. I am grateful for those who don’t believe in me. 

These people have built my resilience and provide me with the hunger, the motivation and attitude to pursue my purpose with a full mettle jacket.

It must be said that I didn’t achieve all this on my own and there are many people I need to thank.  My gratitude goes out to all those who have never questioned me and those that stood by me when others departed.

Never let anyone make you feel defeated. You have the power to progress regardless of the outcome at that moment in time. Courage, integrity and good character will always prevail.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not about the mistakes but rather what you do with the learnings from those mistakes that defines what you become and who you are.

If you believe in something enough and you possess the bravery to make good on your promises, and you have a relentless drive that ensures you don’t stop when it gets tough, then I promise you – YOU will have moved closer to achieving your purpose.

Kristian Livolsi