Kristian helps individuals and companies define their purpose, establish outcomes and increase revenue.

Having founded, partnered and invested in more than 60 companies, consulted in over 18 countries, generated revenue up to US1b, Kristian is a game changer who doesn’t like to waste time.

In 2017 he was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor with the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at the University of Adelaide and worked closely with program directors at both undergraduate and postgraduate level providing industry knowledge and experience.

Kristian was appointed the Inaugural Entrepreneur in Residence at ThincLab at The University of Adelaide. During his term the grew the number of start ups to over 67 permanent residents who raised a combined $189,000,000 in funding in less than 12 months. At the end of his tenure the start ups had a self declared value in excess of $500,000,000 making ThincLab one of the fastest growing incubators in Australia and ranking it in the Top 10 in Australia.

Products & Services

  • Education

    Leadership | Sales | Marketing

  • Coaching

    One on One | Think Tank | Master Mind

  • Speaking

    Entrepreneurship | Failure | Renewal | Business


  • Ignite passion and be inspired
  • Define and clarify your purpose
  • Become a responsible leader
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Mental Avaliability

Great companies and future leaders know that continuous growth is critical. Complacency is the cause of death! “You either grow or die”. In today’s disruptive and ever-changing market prosperity is about increasing your mental availability and always be selling.

Kristian has become well known for his transformational approach, let him motivate, entertain and drive your team to 100% performance.


Tom Hadju

"Kristian is a serial entrepreneur, his vulnerability and candour create a dynamic message of inspiration and transformation."

Michelle Perugini

"We are where we are because of people like Kristian who prop up entrepreneurs and encourage them to be bold and ambitious!"

Joe Thorp

"Kristian is an authentic, engaging, humble businessman who has made it, lost it, and made it again.  At the TechInSA Hi-Tech & Connect event during entrepreneurs week 2017 Kristian joined a panel discussion “Entrepreneurship War Stories”. Feedback from the audience was that this was one of the best panel discussion on startups they had been to.  Kristian’s discussion on the traits of a successful entrepreneur and the difference between coaching and mentoring were really helpful.  And then he really moved the audience with his insights about passion, persistence, perseverance and attitude: “Have purpose, its about flesh and blood and people doing things” and “Failure is just an opportunity to have another crack”."